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Marc De Dieux is a musician, the SuccoAcido publisher and a massage therapist working in Sicily.

Marc played guitars all alone or sometime with bands like Two Popes, Full Metal Racket15-18, Cosmic Eggs and more friends…
His band, 15-18, can be heard in many episodes of The Watt From Pedro Show, Mike Watt’s radio from San Pedro, California.
Some music from its guitars is at this link… or in the blog in this website.

When not playing music he manage Edizioni De Dieux and publish SuccoAcido Magazine… you can read some onpaper SuccoAcido issues here on Issuu. That is a hard work, not business, only dreams. He use to produce very low budget music and cinema too, some example on Vimeo and YouTube SuccoAcido web-channels.

Marc is a non professional movie player also, here you will find some of his films and also a funny video for Chickens Suit.

Remarkable: sometimes Marc plays guitars, bass, ukulele, mandolino, saz, pianoforte, drums and little toys… all like a child. Note: he can’t repeat twice the same sequence of chords or notes… probably.  He can’t read any written music and he never studied music. In other words he shouldn’t even touch a guitar! But it does cause the best moment in his life are the ones when speaking with other instruments and humans. He usually looks for smiles, not other reasons to play music with guitars. So if you want to smile with Marc, then play with him: it’s the only way to give sense to his life and to try to really get something good from such a invisible man.
He don’t love to play all alone in a room. Give him a change! Actually looking for concerts!

15-18 New Album “Back To 14-18” is Out Now!

TWO POPES singles






HIGHLY RECOMENDED!! Here a short interview from Marc Ribot to Marc De Dieux


Marc Ribot & Marc De Dieux

Marc Ribot is taking a workshop in Sicily, lesson two. Students are ready to start and some music start. What a surprise for Marc De Dieux, one of the students in the classroom: Marc Ribot is playing Cosmic Eggs CD, where he plays guitar, to the classroom and he smiles.

MR: Hey man, I listened to your CD and I tell you what: great staff, seriously. I have to tell you something about it later… Great staff.

MDD: I need to go and walk a bit before the lesson start Marc, sorry… I think I’ll have a tea.

MR: Very good motifs inside.
MDD: Yes, I think so… Funny and happy.

MR: How did you play it? Did you study it?
MDD: It’s all improvised stuff, played in an afternoon.

MR: Wow, it always sounds good for more than one hour…
MDD: They are two hours exactly.

MR: Two hours… wow. (They bought smiles). How did you play drums on cd?
MDD: there’re no drums on CD.

MR: No drums? Who’s playing now drums?
MDD: …It should be Giacco’s melodica. No, maybe it’s Nino or me scratching on some string in some way… I don’t now sorry.

MR: (watching to the classromm) Tom Waits said that when one now what is exactly playing the music you finished to listen the music.
MDD: …

MR: Well… What kind of bass is playing?
MDD: It’s a very old Halley Sound. Nino loves it more than his Rickenbacker…

MR: Good sound. Good sound. How did you recordered the music?
MDD: We used Nino’s radio tape recorder with an incorpored microphone, you can buy it anywhere at about 15,00 Euro. We putted it to the centre of my dining room and it sounds perfectly…

MR: (smiling) You made real LO-FI, you know? Yes, real Lo-Fi…
MDD: accupigghiupigghiuLo-Fi…



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